We export high quality Jatropha Curcas
seeds and saplings for large and small scale plantations around the world.

  • Jatropha Curcas
  • Is an oil seed tree
  • Grows in semi-arid conditions
  • Produces high quality green oil
  • Has high oil yield
  • Can be intercropped
  • Easy to establish plantations
  • Reclaims marginal soils
  • Requires low labour inputs

About Jatropha Curcas

Jatropha Curcas commonly known as physic nut, belonging to the euphorbiaceae family is a multipurpose plant providing many revenue opportunities like oil, mediciine, power generation, fertiliser and animal feed.

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Compact Disc with Project Report & Video

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Jatropha Curcas is a oil seed bearing hardy shrub that can grow well on semi-arid conditions, areas of low rainfall and poor soils. The seeds of the tree contain an inedible oil that can be converted into bio-diesel and attracts a lot of interest as a biofuel crop.

The extracted oil can be directly used in diesel engines after transesterification or after blending it with conventional diesel.

With the rapid growing interest towards biofuels worldwide, Jatropha Curcas plant has been now recognised as best energy crop in different countries to develop their own source of renewable energy with many additional benefits. Since it is hardy to the drought, jatropha curcas plant is getting promoted as the ideal plant for large, medium and small scale farmers worldwide.

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